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SoCal Wine Country Medium Nineveh Cannavino

SoCal Wine Country Medium Nineveh Cannavino

Hi! My name is Nineveh Cannavino. Years ago, I made a promise to myself…to pick myself up and start doing what I intended to do coming into this world.

My team of spirit guides all agreed; and even others stepped forward to assist me…a concentrated effort to help others feel this connectivity, this love from beyond the veil that truly exists.

My intention is to share that, from Heaven to Earth, from our beloved ones who are with God (the divine, the universal energy, call it what you will),  that we are all connected and that Love prevails and continues.

That the bond of love is never broken.

Not ever.

Death does not disconnect the bond or the “telephone” to our beloveds that have passed. If we can help one person at a time, it’s enough. That person can then go forward and help others also believe in and “remember” this love.

It is why I do, what I do today.


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Evidential Mediumship Readings

Evidential Mediumship Information & Readings

Find out what evidential mediumship is (and isn’t), and the difference between a psychic  reading vs a mediumship reading

Connect with loved ones that have passed. Receive the healing and communications you need to move forward.

Explore the possibility of an evidential mediumship reading with me and experience the healing grace and loving connection from loved ones that have passed. Death does not disconnect the bond to our loved ones.

AfterLife & NDE Consultations

The Afterlife and NDEs Information & Readings

If you would like an intuitive consultation about life after death or near-death experiences, you have stumbled across the perfect place.

If you fear there is no life after death and would like some reassurance on the topic, I’m here to help.

If you or someone you know needs has had a near-death experience, you’re not alone. I am an understanding and experienced listener on this topic can provide valuable insights on this topic as well.


“If you’re looking for a message from your loved one or just want to say hello. Nineveh is your way to go! She has the ability to quickly tap into your loved one’s energy and know exactly what they want you to know. I recommend her wholeheartedly and promise you that she doesn’t disappoint. Worth every penny!!”

Briana Lowe

Having worked with Nineveh I have been a witness to the depth and breadth of her evidential mediumship. Nineveh has clearly been able to join two worlds soul to soul in a palatable connection. I would recommend her for any sitter wanting to reach across the veil to connect with loved ones. Love Abides”

David C., Canada

“During a mediumship reading, Nineveh Cannavino brought through my late sister. She gave me wonderful details of our relationship – she described how she was my surrogate mother, described the rings of hers that I still have, and explained the strong love that she still feels for me even though she passed away 19 years ago. She even validated how I often see my sister in my bedroom out of the corner of my left eye at various times throughout the day. She helped me to understand that I see her clairvoyantly. Her reading was immensely helpful and I’m grateful to her! She obviously has a fantastic strong ability of mediumship.”

Kim F., Body-Nature Holistic Nutrition

Dream Interpretations

Dream Interpretations

Let Intuitive Medium Nineveh provide you with dream interpretations and clarifying the messages they are intending to convey.

Maybe you have a recurring dream that’s just starting to make you wonder… “What’s spirit trying to tell me?” Let’s explore the interpretation of that.

Or perhaps a dream visitation from a loved one that has passed has messages I can help translate from the spirit world for you.

House Clearing Services

House Blessing & Clearing Services

House blessings are a form of clearing the house of negative energy. It is seen as a “spiritual cleansing” of the space.

House blessings are ceremonial services that welcome the new inhabitants and clear out the energies of the previous home owners or tenants.

I provide house clearing and house blessing services close to my home town of Temecula, CA, and the surrounding communities.


Reiki Comes from LOVE (In my view)

Now, in my view of it, I believe that this energy comes from love. Love of a higher power, love of “God/ Allah/ Higher Energy” (if you believe), love from your soul groups, love of the deceased ones who have walked the Earth, love of the earth, love of positivity in the universe itself. The creative energy of life and what nurtures it.

Regardless of culture, race, religion, origin, and language. Or any other conduit or difference that individuals believe divide peoples and all living things.  I believe this gift of the universe can be brought to the spiritual and physical plane to heal life. The spiritual and in many cases the physical. The Reiki administrator is only the vessel, everything comes from the universe.

Everything comes from Love.

-Nineveh, Usui Reiki Ryoho Master

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