House Clearing Services with Nineveh

House Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies

Many religions have house blessings of one form or another. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and even Buddhist do a house blessing. Spiritualists and Shamans also do a house blessing.

House blessings are a form of clearing the house of negative energy. It is seen as a “cleansing” spiritually of the space. It can be known as a “healing” of the house. All kinds of methods can be used to “cleanse the space”, some suggest the use of prayer, others combine prayer with other items such as white sage from the Shamanic and American Indian teachings, salt and bread, anointing oil, pieces of holy scripture at doorways, holy water, white thread, pink candles, and also Frankincense and Myrrh oil or resin from the Christian faith can be used in ritual ceremonies for house Cleansing and Blessing. Every culture and religion perform some kind of house blessing ritual and it has been done for centuries for just cause.

There are several intended reasons a house blessing or spiritual house clearing services.

For starters on the most basic level, they are rites intended to protect the inhabitants of a house or apartment from bad luck and misfortune.

Sometimes, a house clearing service is necessary when there is a stagnant feeling in the air. If you can sense and feel emotionally dragged down or depressed a house clearing could help.

A house blessing is intended to heal the space of the living before moving into the home or soon after some negatively oriented occurrence or altercation. Most people will do a house blessing at the purchase of a new home or moving into a new dwelling or rental property.

It can also be done when you are intending to sell a home to attract a new home buyer.

Spiritual House Cleansing Services

House Clearings Shifts the Energy

House clearings not only brightens the space, but also lightens the emotional energy, and removes the residual of bad forces or negative energy lurking in the space.

Inhabitants will sense it emotionally and sometimes feel energized because everything will just flow better from within the home.

It is important to note, that energy comprises the human body, as it also compromises objects, animals, and human souls.

We are all affected.

Everything is energy.

When a Spiritual person walks into a space and blesses it, the energy will begin to shift based on the positive intentions, consciousness, and prayer words of that individual.

Usually, their aura and energetic vibrations from within will be able to call out to the universe, God if you will, any and all positive forces, the higher consciousness, the beings of love and light (Angels) or beloved ones in Spirit will step in and adhere to this request.

Intentions and thoughts are powerful, as is prayer, and will bring about the change needed for the situation.