Dream Interpreter & Evidential Medium Nineveh Cannavino

Dream Interpretations

All across the world and as long ago as ancient times. Dreams had a significance and were believed to be messages from the Heavens, from Gods.

If someone had a dream, and the individual believed it had significance it was taken seriously by the dreamer and others around them. Nearly 75 percent of the world’s population practices one of the five most influential religions of the world: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. Aside from those, there are still some 4300 religions in our world. I will point out, that you do not need religion to have a dream, we all know. So, what does that mean?

If you take a look at one of the five most influential religions, there are references to dreams as playing an important role in these old scripture writings.

There are stories about Kings and Queens having significant and meaningful dreams that needed interpretation.

It is believed that the metaphors and messages provided meant something even though the way they presented in the dream was pure nonsense to the dreamer. It is not nonsense.

The dream could be prophetic as to what’s to come, be a warning, or simply have significance to the reader in some other way.

I believe it’s your higher consciousness and/or your guides giving you messages and wondering if you pay attention long enough to understand the impact of what they are trying to tell you.

Dream Interpreter There are many types of dreams

Types of Dreams Interpretations

In many cultures, even today across the world, a repetitive dream also has significance. Dreams about seeing people who have passed have a meaning too. However, there are different types of dreams of this nature.

Visitation Dreams

Visitation dreams are when the deceased pay you a visit soon after they have passed on.

It usually happens within weeks or months, and usually when you are ready to receive them this way. Those types of dreams also carry significance but are not metaphorical in nature. They are literal. They will feel like real life and emotions will flood you with them. You will be able to reach out and touch the person.

A visitation dream will always leave you seeing the dearly departed as smiling at you, with or without words. Even if you awake with grief from missing them, overall you should feel enlightened.