Medium, Psychic Medium, Evidential Medium, Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritualist, Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant Spiritualist are colorful words for the same term used to identify a person with a type of sixth sense gift. Now, people like to argue there are differences.

I only see it as “Can you Speak to the Dead People?”  YES. You are a Medium first and foremost.

As concise as I can be, a Medium is someone who can speak to those celestial beings (souls, spirits, the energy of the former living conscious mind), who once experienced human life with you in this world. Mediums can speak to ghosts, to the dead.

These spirits are individuals within your extended or immediate soul groups. It will usually include your family, friends, neighbors, and pets. Most often than not, it will be individuals who have shared memories with you, and an actual “love bond” exists between the two of you. But not always because your conscious mind is not aware of the love bond between your souls.

In my case, I am a Healer. Some people like to call it a Light Worker. I actually like the term, Spiritual Medium, more specifically, an Evidential Medium.


A Medium is a person who attempts to translate the energy of the deceased individual to the sitter (you) because they are communicating with them in various forms.  The medium without asking you questions should be able to give spoken descriptions, relationships, and memories about the soul who has passed on into heaven (afterlife, spiritual world) or simply into the existence of another plane of reality. The reality where the conscious mind seems to exist of the deceased, who once lived in a human body. Yes, folks, you can talk to the dead.

Usually, we don’t have all day, we have an hour, so I usually allow them to dictate the conversation to you. What they deem most important, not me, not you.

Most times they come to tell you, “I’m okay”, “I’m sorry”, or “Hello from Heaven”. Other times, they bring up specific memories, people, relationships, and conversations that have importance between the two of you. As in life, they are not able or most likely will not comment on people they do not know or what decision you should make regarding something. Simply because, in their view, life has a different meaning.

I find they come to give messages of Love and Help you Heal from life’s experiences and time’s wounds. It is a beautiful thing.

What is an evidential medium?


Yes. Mediums are psychic. However, Psychics, by definition, are not also Mediums.

The reverse is not necessarily true.

For example, a Psychic can read tarot cards by memorizing cards but, that does not mean they have the ability to speak to the deceased person. A Psychic may read your palm (Palm Reading) by learning the art of the lines in your hand but, they are not going to sense the energy of the deceased Pet that you love and is around you and discern their thoughts and memories to you.

Communicate with the dead and loved ones that have passed


The true medium will not ask you questions.

You are not going to get questions about the date of your birthday, the deceased’s birthday. Questions on your name, their name.

You are not going to get asked, who do you want to speak to?

With some intention, thoughts, prayer, they are going to be able to tap into your loved one’s energy that is hopefully around you. Your thoughts and feelings will draw your loved ones into you.

You start with the intention of wanting to talk to them. The medium will tap into the energy around them to see who is there. They can then translate a message from them to you, knowing it is for you. It is not easy at all. But the gifted medium should be able to do it. That is what they look like, so to speak.

“I had a mediumship reading with Nineveh that was amazing. I felt the presence of my deceased mother during the
reading. Nineveh said factual things about my childhood from my mother’s perspective that my mother would not admit
to when she was alive. It seemed like my mother was giving her confession to Nineveh and at the end I felt validated.

JC from Brooklyn, NY

“Really loved my reading from Nineveh!! It’s like my Grandmother was there with me!! She truly captured her essence
and even told me about memories with her.

I would definitely recommend a reading by Nineveh!! “

Kim T. from California

“Recently I was part of a reading with several other people. Nineveh began describing a woman, someone I knew
very well. She provided details of a certain situation of which I shared with no one and I won’t share them here.
There is only one way, Nineveh a complete stranger could have known what transpired on that evening 37 years
ago between me and my mother.
Nineveh is a gifted psychic medium who conducts her readings with love. Her sensitivity and compassion allow
the doors of healing to open and forgiveness to come in. Nineveh’s gifts are truly heaven sent. She’s able to tap in
through a divine connection with Spirit or in this case my mother. Either way it was needed and long overdue. I can
now feel my mother’s love again. Thank you for sharing your gift of mediumship.”

Lori Lynn from North Dakota

“I have had two readings from Nineveh. Both times, she connected to people who brought forward very meaningful
messages, and provided substantial and accurate evidence. 

Lyn Boyd from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I’m totally biased! Nineveh is one of my favorite mediums. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting with Nineveh for more than one mediumship reading as well as trance mediumship.

Nineveh is a powerful medium with strong clairvoyance vibrations. She has been impeccably accurate in her communication with my loved ones as well as powerful prophecy predictions.

Nineveh is a gifted, high vibrational being that uses her gifts to assist others with communication with their loved ones!”

Nikki Z. from Maryland

”  I was so low in my life after my father passing I questioned every decision that I made.  Nineveh helped me through this process and connected with my father and provide only details my dad and I would only know.  Nineveh thank you so much I’m starting to live life again and this wouldn’t be possible without you.” 

David Roel from California

Nineveh, Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner but I wanted to tell you that you were spot on. The names you said to me where my mothers sisters. I didn’t even know the one sister’s real name and when I met my cousins this past weekend, I mentioned it and they told me her real name was Josephine which is the name you said. And you also talked about the widow and another woman. The widow was my sister and I just went to her husband’s repass this past weekend. You were spot on I will definitely give your telephone number out to do online readings here in New Jersey and to all my daughters friends in California. The next day we sat and we talked about it and if anything else it made us all think and reflect it was definitely a  Positive experience. I hope to be able to speak to you in the future! Thank you!

Vera Reed from New Jersey

Nineveh was a fantastic Medium. She was nice enough to schedule me in last minute because she knew how badly I was struggling. She was able to give me a reading with my grandfather who recently passed on. She knew details that you couldn’t find anywhere online. Her talent and accuracy is amazing. She also consoled me on death and the after life. She brought my family and I so much closure. I highly recommend Nineveh to anybody.

Anthony Law from California


Don’t laugh but, in all honesty, it’s a translation service for those beyond the grave. It is suited more so for the Soul who has passed than the person living sitting in front of the Medium. They get very excited when this happens because it does not happen often and it allows them to say “hello” or “sorry”, to heal you or them. The Medium is providing evidence, actual examples, memories, feelings, thoughts, unique to the person who has died as being explained by them to the Medium in real-time.

When we say, “gifted Medium”, we are identifying the “gift” as given from the Spirit or Heavenly realm. Of course, there is an argument of genetic disposition as well but that is a question I can speak to in person. I am not the authority on it, everyone has an opinion, but I do have some knowledge of it personally.

In any case, the Medium should be able to speak on individuality, personality, memories, words expressed, lifestyle, ideas, and at times, the deceased individual’s actual thoughts. I will say this again, as before, it is not easy to do. It is not clear-cut questions and gets answers. Although this can and does happen at times.

The way a Medium receives the information differs by Medium. In my case, I can receive all forms of communication, but I do not choose what the Soul wants to convey to their loved ones sitting in front of me, they choose what they want to say, I just translate for them. Some people are very good communicators beyond the grave, and others are not. It varies and it varies for different reasons.


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