The True Story of an Intuitive Psychic, Energy Healer and Evidential Medium


After a profound experience at 40 years of age, I became very aware I was either CRAZY or may be gifted.

It wasn’t until I sought out a Psychic who happened to do medium readings that I understood I may be a Medium too.

I was not ready to admit it for a while.

I was in complete denial.

It was within the course of weeks that every memory and experience I have had since birth, that no one could understand or relate to, were indeed Spiritual and otherworldly experiences.

I could vividly recall experiences at the young age of 4.

How do I know this? Because I would blurt out things on people’s thoughts instinctively, especially my mother.

I must say, it scared her half out of her wits most days.

Story about becoming an evidential medium

One of the few things I was reminded of when I got older was that those in Spirit speak to one another with energy but it’s a type of telepathic thought. Now, I’m bringing this up because as a child, it’s natural and intrinsic, and quite normal to respond to someone speaking to you in your mind, in your head, or even to someone overtly in your mind’s eye as a third person visually in front of you.

As a child, you don’t question these things and you are not really afraid. It isn’t until you get older that you become aware that it is only you seeing things and hearing things and knowing things others do not see, hear, and know!

Let’s be clear. I said telepathic thought in my first sentence back there. That’s how you are going to communicate when you die. In other words, it is not the way, a living person is speaking to a dead person. It is the way the deceased person’s energy speaks to the other deceased person’s energy.

Thus, when your soul crosses over to the other side, you will be able to blend your energy imprint of you and all your knowledge (selective) with another or several others.

Everything is transparent.

They will be able to know you, feel you, hear you. As you will be able to do the same with them. They will and You will experience events, memories from both viewpoints simultaneously, yours and theirs as they are speaking (I use speaking loosely-there is no vocal cord here) in thought, and you are experiencing a replay of the memory they wish to share. It’s like a 360-degree experience. A shared experience, like it, was you but knowing you are separate, feeling their experience, seeing their memory, as they communicate to you all simultaneously. You will feel and be them, while still being you.

If you think about it, the true empath is this way.

It’s incredible and none of my words can describe it accurately for anyone unless you experience it yourself or better still, remember it.

Spirit communicates energetically via telepathic thought

This is all happening in Heaven. This is the reality of you in this place when your energy (soul) crosses over to it. Time does not exist and it is a state of being. No aging here, just knowledge, experiences to be had, and made, all simultaneous with those experiences already made. Its fluid and all at the same space. Immediate. It sounds complicated I know. But the truth is always complicated. My words do not justify the explanation of this existence enough. But I know, we all return to it and originate from it.

By the time I was a teenager, I was troubled and blocked it out somewhat.

I was shown and reminded of this existence at age 40, an existence from before I was born. I already knew this as a child.


My family absolutely freaked out every time I said or did anything, that revealed my gifts. Only to have my spiritual guides, constantly show me future events and pivotal points in my life years before they would come to pass.

They would also inform me, that certain choices would yield certain results.

Yes, folks, they were that involved but, I still tried to ignore them. However, a dear friend and love of mine died. He came to see me, in dreams and in waking life almost every other day for quite some time. He still visits today, in waking life, and in dreams.  It was during this time that I then, became aware that I am a Medium.

I sought out other mediums to help practice. Only to have them tell me, you are Medium.  But this love of mine who had died and my guides, gave me the advanced tutorial way before I started to practice.

They showed me what I already knew how and what to do. They tried their very best to speed track 20 years of my ignorance. I was told, you are not doing what you were intended to do.

Heaven is beautiful folks


About Evidential Medium Nineveh Cannavino

Years ago, I made a promise to myself and to this loved one who passed away and paid me a visit.

I promised, to pick myself up and start doing what I intended to do coming into this world.

I promised to better my communication with him, but also, I wanted to take it one step further. I wanted “us” to go out there and help others.

My team of guides all agreed; and even others stepped forward to assist me, a concentrated effort to help others feel this connectivity, this love from beyond the veil that truly exists.

From Heaven to Earth, from their beloved ones who are with God (the divine, the universal energy, call it what you will), to show them that we are all connected and that Love prevails and continues.

That the bond of love is never broken.

Not ever.

Death does not disconnect the bond or the telephone to them. If we can help one person at a time, it’s enough. That person should then go forward and help others also believe in this love.

It is why I do, what I do today.