Please enjoy the gracious testimonials and reviews  I’ve received from clients I have had the honor to read for, provide intuitive counseling and Reiki services.

Testimonial for Mediumship Readings

“Nineveh is an amazing medium! She is so spot on, accurate, giving very specific evidence and beautiful healing messages and guidance. I love her sense of humour and she has the purest of intentions. Very impressed and highly recommended.

I am currently being mentored by Nineveh, which I’m so grateful for, the way she connects, teaches and her knowledge has really helped me on so many levels and I’m enjoying our journey together and look forward to every class. Her compassion and light shines through.” Candice P. from South Africa

Testimonial for Intuitive Consultations

“I was drawn to Nineveh and her personality. This was my first ever evidential medium reading. She is very open and honest.

A couple of souls came through who I wanted to hear from and her channeling was on point from describing personalities, to inside jokes that would be impossible to know unless you actually knew the person.

This experience brought me a different form healing and peace. Even though my loved ones are dearly missed and going on with life is hard knowing they will never be here again physically.

However, it’s amazing to know that they are here with us in this other form. My loved know how much they are loved, missed, and know what is still going on within our reality because they are here in spirit. Nineveh hit on all the key symbols and questions that I had without me saying a word about anything.

Thank you again!!”  Ashlee P. from California

Testimonial for Mediumship Readings

“Having worked with Nineveh I have been a witness to the depth and breadth of her evidential mediumship. Nineveh has clearly been able to join two worlds soul to soul in a palatable connection. I would recommend her for any sitter wanting to reach across the veil to connect with loved ones. Love Abides” David C. from Canada

Testimonial for Intuitive Consultations

“If you’re looking for a message from your loved one or just want to say hello. Nineveh is your way to go! She has the ability to quickly tap into your loved one’s energy and know exactly what they want you to know. I recommend her wholeheartedly and promise you that she doesn’t disappoint. Worth every penny!! Best wishes. Briana


Nineveh is the best! Every time I see her after a Reiki session I feel wonderful! I also have had a few psychic readings with her and I love the fact that I can record the session so I can go back and listen to her readings. Perla P.


When I first heard about Reiki healing, I was skeptical. Then Nineveh explained to me the benefits of Reiki and how it can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul. I decided to try a session with her and after I’ve never felt so uplifted and relaxed. It was truly a wonderful experience. Nineveh is very kind, welcoming, and educated. I would recommend her for Reiki healing. Lara S.

“Nineveh is a very talented and gifted, and intuitive Reiki master. She cares a lot about her clients and has a beautiful soul. I would definitely recommend her services for Reiki healing. Lisa B.

“I recently did a Reiki session with Nineveh. She is delightful to work with. 

My hope was for some pain relief in my back. I definitely felt that my pain and tightness were reduced, but I also felt surprisingly energized and what I can only describe as peacefulness and reduced stress levels. It was a very positive experience for me and I will definitely be back for additional sessions.

I would absolutely recommend Nineveh for this type of service!   Joseph D.

Testimonial for Mediumship Readings

She’s the Real Deal! She knew things, details of events that there was no way she could have unless she was communicating with my loved one who had passed away and I was longing to communicate with, she’s the REAL DEAL!! I will be seeing her again and referring anyone who needs to hear from the spirit world to her…She is wonderful! I left the session with the weight of not knowing if my son was okay and at peace (that I’ve had since his passing 11 months ago), to now gone! I know he’s okay now and at peace and that makes my life a little more okay knowing, he’s okay . I want to say sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you’ve done for me. Sincerely,”  Rhonda Hall from California

Testimonial for Intuitive Consultations

“Hi Nineveh, the entire family truly enjoyed the time spent with you. Even though we were there to celebrate our father, you gave all of us the gift of connection. Connections that dove deep into the love and messaging from lineage and friends. Our family is very close, yet somehow we became even closer that day. Thank you! Your gift is remarkable, and your discipline & confidence allows for clear messaging. I was in awe of your control, so much so that I would love to learn from you. I’m happy to say I’ve signed up for a year of 1-on-1 mentoring. I look forward to our sessions. With love and respectT.B. from California

Client Reviews for Mediumship Readings with Nineveh Cannavino

“What a lovely visit I had with my Uncle in spirit through Nineveh’s gift of Mediumship. She easily connected with spirit and accurately described his former earthly life with evidence of his personality, career, and hobbies. But more important was Nineveh’s sensing and acknowledgment of his like-mindedness connection with me and my current life. I am grateful to Nineveh for affirming that my Uncle is still around and contributing to my life.” Kathy Amber

Client Reviews for Psychic Medium Readings with Nineveh Cannavino

“I’m totally biased! Nineveh is one of my favorite mediums. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting with Nineveh for more than one mediumship reading as well as trance mediumship. Nineveh is a powerful medium with strong clairvoyance vibrations. She has been impeccably accurate in her communication with my loved ones as well as powerful prophecy predictions. Nineveh is a gifted, high vibrational being that uses her gifts to assist others with communication with their loved ones! Nikki Z.

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