Coffee Cup Grind Readings, which are also known as Turkish Cup readings, or Arabic Coffee Grind Readings is called Tasseography. Other names include Tasseomancy or Tassology.

It is a method of reading into a person’s energy and using the cup as guidance. This is done by viewing the patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments. Then as part of the consult the sediments are interpreted within the cup for the intended sitter. In more modern practice, residues of other beverages such as hot chocolate, beer or juice can also be read and interpreted. I have not tried this but may be willing. Please contact me to discuss it further. I may elect you as a trial.

However, in general with me, I work with coffee cup readings as a result of Arabic, Turkish or Espresso coffee finely ground, brewed, and then served hot in small cups. At which point, I will interpret the sediment left by these coffee grinds after someone has had the beverage and turned the cup over. The sediment then dries within the cup to reveal the patterns.
It is actually quite interesting. Insomuch as, coffee cup readings are an ancient method for divination and is hugely popular in the Mediterranean Coast and Coastline countries, namely Syria, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Morocco, parts of North Africa, Middle East, some areas of India, and East and West Europe.


Group Coffee Cup readings are also now available! These are a great addition to any type of fun gathering!

Do you have a “ladies evening” or private party planned? Group Coffee readings can be funny, insightful, intuitive and eye opening for all of your guests. These readings are usually done in a Group setting but I can draw a person to the side and give the reading amongst everyone while individuals compare cups!

If you have any questions, feel free in contacting me.

Coffee Cup Readings

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Coffee Cup Reading Practice! SoCal Wine Country Medium Nineveh

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I offer these services in person, online via Zoom or by email. If you choose to email, rather than Zoom or Skype, you must send me the images beforehand and if I can decipher them clearly, I will recommend you make payment and an appointment. So, if you choose to email, be sure to know I need advance notice and you must complete my form and email me those images.